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The Adunni Olorisha Trust brings people together from around the globe who are committed to the preservation of the art, heritage and nature in the Sacred Groves of Osogbo. Join us!


Please Donate!

Our first priority is to restore the works of art in the Groves before it is too late. The artists who created these magnificent sculptures are elderly. Time is of the essence!
When you make a donation to the Susanne Wenger Adunni Olorisha Trust (AOT), every kobo/cent goes directly to restoring the works of art in the Sacred Groves of Osobgo, a UNESCO World Heritage site. All the project administration of the AOT is contributed by volunteers.


Financial Contributions

If you can make a personal donation, or if your Company or Foundation would like to know how you can join us in preserving this remarkable World Heritage site, please contact us now!


Contributions of Materials

Almost one half of our costs are materials: cement, irons rods, and roof sheeting. Donations in kind of these materials will reduce our overall costs.


How Else You Can Help

Promoting Art: Exhibitions of New Sacred Art
Media: Raising Awareness through the Media
Research: Documentation by Academic, Art and Heritage Institutions