Our Sponsors
The preservation of this art legacy could not happen without the generous support of our valued sponsors.

  • The Republic of Austria has a special relationship with this cultural and heritage site and have led the way with their consistent support over many years. They are responsible for the restoration of the Obatala Complex, the Egun Walls, the Chameleon Gate and decorative walls, Oja Ontotoo (The Marketplace) and the Arch of the Flying Tortoise.  Our deepest thanks.
  • We are extremely grateful to Julius Berger Plc. for funding Iledi Ontotoo, our most complex restoration.   They also contributed expert advice on building materials and a 3D scan of the complex is in progress which will allow people to do a “virtual” tour of the restored site.
  • With contributions from St. George’s Lodge, we were able to complete Iya Moopo, the Great Mother, as well unique interior wall-paintings.  Thank you for your generosity.
  • The redesign of this website, and its hosting and maintenance is made possible by Pisces Power. Thank you for your commitment.
Republic of Austria
Julius Berger
St Georges Lodge
Pisces Power

Individual Donors

John Adeleke

Uschi Boersing

Hugh and Robin Campbell

Gusti and Peter Merzeder-Taylor

Dieter Ochsenreiter

Maritta Schall

Winifred and Ngozi Schommers

John Tuffrey

Michael Zeitlman

Other Contributors

Wolfgang and Martha Denk (Susanne Wenger Foundation)

Nella Hengstler (Fundraising)

Diane Lemieux (Website Writer)

Jonathan Millard (Promotion)

Nichola Saunders (Writer/Research)

Joern Seitz (Materials Specialist)

Andre Wegner (Project Monitoring)