AOT Projects


The Arch of the Flying Tortoise and Sculpted Walls

The Arch of the Flying Tortoise and Sculpted Walls, an outstanding cement sculpted arch & the original entrance to the Sacred Groves, is the latest work of art to be completed by the New Sacred Art team. It had collapsed completely many years ago and was recreated from photographs and memory by Adebisi Akanji.



Restoration of the Marketplace

Passing through the forest, one comes across a sudden “amphitheatre”, a large flat rock surface populated by larger than life cement sculptures! This fanciful grouping is “Oja Ontontoo” or “the Marketplace”, the symbolic coming together of men and of spirits.



Restoration of Iya Moopo

This magnificent sculpture was created by Susanne Wenger and Adebisi Akanji. It is over 10 meters high and 25 meters long. It lies in the area of the Groves know as “The Sacred Pottery Field”. It is one of only three monuments in the field, 3 being a sacred number in the Yoruba tradition.


chameleon gate

Restoration of the Chameleon Gate

The chameleon gate is designed so visitors must “penetrate” this primordial creature to arrive on the sacred ground on the other side.



Restoration of Iledi Ontotoo

This remarkable structure is composed of three enormous roofs which rise against the sky like giant lizards, representing the forces of the earth before mankind. The powerfully sculpted totems that support the three roofs symbolically protect the inner sanctum of the Shrine.