The Trust's Achievements

Books, Films, Exhibitions, Research

The AOT published the book: Susanne Wenger: Her House and Her Art Collection and provided assistance to filmmakers making four documentary films. Members of the AOT assisted Susanne and published her book: The Sacred Groves of Osogbo.  The AOT has also hosted exhibitions of New Sacred Art in Lagos. We encourage and assist scholars who wish to do research about Yoruba heritage and the role of Susanne Wenger and the New Sacred Art Movement.


Restoration of New Sacred Art in the Groves

The AOT has carried out 7 major art restoration projects in the Sacred Groves between 2007 and 2014, including 5 monuments, 800 meters of decorative walls and over 50 sculptures. The work is carried out under the direction of Sangodare Ajala, Susanne Wegner’s adopted son, the original members of the New Sacred Art Movement, new apprentices and local artisans.


Susanne Wenger House and Art Shop

The AOT is the custodian of Susanne’s house in Osogbo where her adopted family, Priestess Doyin Faniyi and Priest Sangodare Ajala, still live and continue their mother’s tradition of opening the house to visitors. People can view Susanne Wenger’s vast personal collection of New Sacred Art, learn more about the history of the Movement and Yoruba traditions, and visit the co-operative Art Shop in the house where art by the New Sacred Art Movement can be purchased.

Who we are

Promotion, Tourism, Lectures, Distribution

The AOT runs guided trips to Osogbo and assists people to plan their own excursions. We organize lectures and promote Osogbo widely through social media.  We assist with the distribution of books, films and other documentation within Nigeria and internationally.


In Partnership with the Susanne Wenger Foundation, Austria

While Susanne’s greatest art legacy remains in Nigeria in the Sacred Groves, over her lifetime she also created many paintings, batiks and drawings. These were left, in trust, to the Susanne Wenger Foundation in Austria where there is a purpose built gallery/archive in Krems. The Adunni Olorisha Trust works in close collaboration with its sister organization in Austria.