Susanne Wenger Adunni Olorisha Trust
Our purpose is to preserve and promote the Sacred Groves of Osogbo and New Sacred Art.

The Adunni Olorisha Trust (AOT), a registered Trust, was established in 1998 in Nigeria to support Susanne Wenger’s work following the death of her long-time patron and friend, Chief Adebayo Adeleke.  After Susanne’s passing at the age of 93 in 2009, the Trust took responsibility for ensuring that her remarkable legacy continues. Today, the AOT is chaired by Chief Adebayo Adeleke’s son, John Adeyemi Adeleke.

The Trust is named after Susanne’s Yoruba name “Adunni” meaning “the adored” and “Olorisha” meaning “of the deities”. The name represents Susanne’s deep commitment to and respect for Yoruba culture and the art form it inspired.

Our objectives are to ensure:

• That the art work created by the New Sacred Art Movement is conserved to a high artistic standard and that the artists of the Movement are recognized and new artists encouraged;

• That the Sacred Groves are protected: as both a living cultural heritage site and for the flora and fauna it contains;

• That this remarkable legacy of Yoruba heritage, art and nature is promoted and celebrated both in Nigeria and internationally.

The AOT is run by volunteers, who share Susanne’s commitment to heritage, art and the environment.