The Sacred Groves of Osogbo: A UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Sacred Groves of Osogbo is Nigeria’s most important cultural site, celebrating both heritage and contemporary art.

In Yoruba tradition, groves are sacred outdoor spaces reserved for the Gods. Over a period of over 40 years, beginning in 1960, an Austrian artist, Susanne Wenger, and the Movement of Nigerian artists she mentored, protected this 75 hectare sacred ground by creating hundreds of monumental works of art depicting Yoruba deities.

In 2005, the Sacred Groves of Osogbo was awarded the UNESCO World Heritage designation. It is recognized both for the significance of the art, arguably the most impressive contemporary sculpture installation in the world, and for its role in sustaining cultural traditions.

Today the UNESCO site attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year who come to honour their heritage, to learn about the traditions of the Yoruba people or simply to appreciate the magnificent sculptures.

The Adunni Olorisha Trust (AOT) is dedicated to preserving this UNESCO site.
Over time, these outdoor sculptures and monuments have deteriorated. If they are not restored now, this remarkable art form will be lost to future generations.

2015 is the 10th Anniversary of the UNESCO designation.

We ask you to join us in preserving Nigeria’s key contribution to the world’s cultural and artistic history.